Marine design and engineering consultancy


  • Naval architecture calculations
  • Hull strength design calculations and developing of classification documentation
  • Detail design of hull structures and steel hull outfitting including specifications
  • Reconstruction and modification of ships and ship structures
  • Finite element analysis of ship hull structures including global strength local strength and fatigue

Key markets for SNISconsult

Cargo ships



Special Cargo ships

Mega yachts

Blasting and Painting Service

Complete Range of Services:

✓ We provide comprehensive corrosion prevention services through a wide range of blasting and coating methods on-site at customers shipyards.

✓ To complement our core services and deliver a one-stop solution to customers, we are also engaged in the design and supply of blasting and painting systems.

✓ We mainly provide corrosion prevention services to mainly shipyards in Republic Bulgaria where this is part of their ship building, ship conversion and ship repair activities.

✓ SNIS consult, Ltd. provides shop and field abrasive blasting of all range of civil steel structures

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